Ethersocial network

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  • Anyone who is over 21 years old can.

  • Yes it is.
    Currently, ESN mining is limited to selected members of DDENGLE for the sake of stablization, but it will be open for all soon.

  • Yes there is. You can earn ESN as a reward by participating (posting or recommending others' posts).
    Get ESN right now by interacting with your DDENGLE members!(go to DDENGLE)

  • Currently, ESN Wallet supported by PC, Linux, Mac OSX, Please visit.(Download link) Download on your PC.
    or you can also use Android Mobile wallet (except iOS wallet)

  • No, it doesn't.
    Up to 600,000 blocks, 9 ESN was paid as a reward. After that, 5 ESN is rewarded. Rewards could be reduced later by community decision.

  • ESN is built upon highly secured blockchain technology similar to long-proven Ethereum.
    We ensure ESN's reliability as there hasn't been any cases of blockchain damages.
    However, security of individuals and exchanges are irrelavant to that of blockchain, we strongly advise you to remain extremely careful to your own accounts, mining pool accounts and choice of exchange.

  • Blockchain-based coins have their own purposes and usages.
    ESN is designed to develop, apply and distribute features that are useful for communities. Also, other communities can develop their 'tokens' based on ESN and use them as separate coins.

  • ESN is open-sourced, so you can ask for corrections by analyzing and reviewing it. You can also download all the sources and participate in the development.

    Check the progress out on our GitHub.